Tiffanie has been adopted!


That big pearly white smile belongs to beautiful Tiffanie, a darling who’s full of vivacious spirit and kissable sweetness! She is one of six adorable and very out-going siblings who hoot it up climbing the cat tree, playing hide-and-seek in empty boxes, romping, wrestling, and racing. If there’s any vacuum happening, you may have a little supervisor following you around because they aren’t a bit noise sensitive, and nothing gets in the way of their curiosity and spirit of adventure! When it’s time to relax they are as loving and affectionate as they are busy and have brought great joy to their foster family! Tiffanie is a classic little tabby princess in her elegant, silky suit of luxurious grays with fashionably striped lounge pants! Her personality is a purrfect blend of partygirl and cuddlebug, and it’s no surprise she also likes bigger cats and is great with dogs and great with kids! This precious treasure named Tiffanie hope to soon be the darling doll in a sweet home where she will be cherished! How about yours?!

Littermates:  Arnold, Betsy, Richie, Scooter, Tango