Trooper is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

1 year old

Apricot orange Trooper has definite likes and dislikes! He would call them standards! In the positive column this handsome guy loves all humans, but does like to play a little rough (he’s a burly boy afterall!) so might not be a good companion for small children. When you pick him up he gives velvety nose bonks, and when you hold him close he purrs like a motorboat! Chin and ear scratches are always high on his favorites list! He’s fearless and curious, and a bit of a water bug, but a sun lover too and will curl up in any box and loves to bask in a sunny window! In that other column is the fact that he lost out on an adoption because he plainly didn’t appreciate the resident dog. He also seems a little newly apprehensive around cats. The road has been a little rocky for this handsome, loving gem, but a great forever family will put all of that right and be just what this nose booping, soft and snuggly armload is dreaming of. Trooper is as classic as an orange boy can be and would adore being a treasured member of your secure and loving troop!

Please note:

  • Trooper needs a home with no dogs and no young children
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