Ivy has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
lynx point snowshoe, medium haired

Meet irresistible Ivy! When your very experienced foster mom says “she is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever had”, you know you are pretty awesome! This exceptional darling loves kids, can’t resist any toy, and never tires of exploring every little nook and cranny in her surroundings! She’s also a true beauty with eyes like dark sapphire jewels, and a cloud-white coat accented with a dark velvet tail and black button “earrings”! But as dainty and adorable as she is, she can hold her own admirably in every game and adventure she and her siblings dream up! If you’ve dreamed of having one of the sweetest and prettiest kitties in the universe, perfect Ivy would love to be your dreamgirl!

Littermates:  Remmy, Sammy, Stormy