Stormy has been adopted!

Turkish Van
White with Tabby

Sunny-spirited Stormy is a spunky, rascally little doll who loves to hide so she can jump out and ambush your ankles! If she’s lucky she knows you’ll reach down and scratch her velvety head and silky ears! This sweetie loves every playtime with her brother and sisters and can’t resist any toy no matter how often it’s uses have been explored! She looks like a little spring cloud with delicate tinges of pale silvery gray, and she doesn’t miss a thing with thise gorgeous blue-green eyes! This spirited darling is sure to be a show-stopping big girl some day. For now she is hoping to bring her happy, lively, lovable little self into the circle of a forever family as wonderful as her. Could sweetheart Stormy be the new sunshine in your life?

Littermates:  Ivy, Remmy, Sammy