Kitten 18873

Brown W/White

Little Hollywood-handsome Kitten 18873 is a showstopper in his coat of dramatic dark stripes and his cute socks, but there's no drama with this little cutie, just lots of fun and enthusiasm for everything! Playtime is one of the highlights of his day, and he and his kitten friends romp and rowdy and wrestle until a nice nap sounds very good! Then he'll want to cuddle up in your lap or a cozy place nearby because naps are another highlight - and mealtimes are another! He brings a smile just by being his upbeat little self, and his great good-looks are just a bonus! Who can resist such an all-around wonderful kitten? This adorable little brown tabby tiger named Blake would love to be the new highlight in your perfect forever home!


Littermate:  Kitten 18877