Kandy has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
lynxpt. snowshoe

Proving that great things come in small packages, sweet kitten Kandy is the smallest in her lively batch of siblings but the first one to start the rock ‘n’ roll that they all enjoy! There’s no rough-and-tumble that this feisty little fun-lover can resist! If it rolls, flies, crunches, or bounces, she’ll be there! She also enjoys bigger cats. When it’s time to come in for a landing, she snuggles up cozily for ear and chin scratches and a nice nap! With her sapphire eyes and softly-colored, silky coat she is a beautiful little girl who will be a gorgeous big girl some day. Spunky, loving Kandy hopes she’s just the perfect sweet treat that you’ve been hoping for!

Littermates:  Andy, Brandy, Dandy, Mandy, Randy