Agatha has been adopted!

Brown With white feet and chest

Meet awesome Agatha, a little brown tabby treasure who is as playful and sweet-natured as she is adorable. One look at her perfect white highlights, kissable little brown satin nose, and sugary smile are ample evidence that she’s cute-as-a-button irresistible! But it’s her happy spirit and unfailing good nature that make her a true joy to be around. She’s quite a lovebug who will sleep right on your chest, and will squeeze in cozily if her brother got there first! Any kind of toy, even empty boxes and crunchy packing paper are great opportunities for her easy-going entertainment! She loves her siblings and has gotten along with the dog in her foster home. It’s now this doll’s time for “graduation” to her forever future. FanTABBulous Agatha would love to be the darling new girl in your welcoming world!

Littermate:  Ajax