Mittens has been adopted!

Black and tan

Maybe extra toes and extra luck go together, because darling Mittens has both! She and her handsome brother are the only two of their litter of seven to survive, and both are precious polydactyls! This white-mittened doll has a very gentle soul, adores her spunky brother and wet food, and appreciates a little extra time to get comfortable with new people and cats. She’s still very cautious with dogs but likes gentle children. Toys and playtimes are always fun, but being startled will send her scooting under the  nearest safe space. With her sugar-kissed mouth, perfect white mitts (complete with velvety extra toes!), and classic tabby suit of soft stripes, she’s a beautiful kitten! Could this sweet and gentle kitten named Mittens be your precious forever treasure?

Littermate:  Slippers