Slippers has been adopted!


Spunky, out-going Slippers and his sister Mittens are the sole survivors of their litter of seven. This super handsome little guy has the spirit of someone who is very grateful to be alive and thriving! He loves attention from everyone, including kids as long as they’re not too loud or rough. His inquisitive nature has him dreaming up lots of happy little playtimes and kitten adventures to entertain himself and his sweet, gentle sister who adores him. He’s still figuring out dogs. Every toy is a winner in his book, and ribbons and dangling toys are special favorites to chase! He has a high-five attitude towards life and is especially equipped for it with his amazingly adorable, bright white polydactyl paws! He’s a perfect tuxedo treasure from his awesome mustache and set of whiskers to those great big paws! Slippers cant wait to delight a great, loving forever family. Maybe a pair of little survivors would be especially sweet!

Littermate:  Mittens