Red and White

He’s long-limbed, lanky, and athletic and his name is Icing! When he’s bopping along on those long, strong legs from here to there and back again, it looks like springs must be attached to his velvety feet! With his siblings the adventures and games are non-stop with him right in the middle of every bit of wacky kitten fun! Then it’s time to nap, and this cuddlebug cutie curls up for cozy ear and chin scratches and a contented snooze! This great little guy also gets along well with bigger cats, dogs, and kids! He’s a very handsome little guy in his smooth, soft coat of classic tabby stripes with snow white legs, a darling sugar-dusted face, and reddish orange velvet ears and markings. Could tabbysaurus sweetheart Icing be the sweet new treat in your loving forever family?