Red and White

Topaz tabby housetiger Grady is a great little guy looking for his forever family. At the top of his wishlist is love and affection, cuddles and snuggles, and cozy naps in welcoming laps. And he’s a fun-lover so a few toys or even empty boxes to hop in and out of keep him entertained. Rolling jinglebell balls and soft cloth mice to bat are also favorites. He loves his darling siblings, is curious and adventurous, an all-around good-natured boy who has a lot to offer in his hoped for role as a beloved new family member! He gets along great with bigger cats too, and dogs, and kids! His classic silky coat of lights and darks, stripes and swirls, is a gorgeous russet red and cream combination with dramatically handsome forehead markings and an impish little mouth and long nose. With his winning personality and purrfect good looks, Grady hopes he’s the great little guy for you!