Kitten 18966 (little heart)* is available for adoption

Domestic Medium Hair
White Brown spots
16 weeks old

He's irrepressible and irresistible, and his name is Little Heart! Observing and helping with whatever you are doing is his top priority unless he's zooming from here to there, bouncing, pouncing, batting, and climbing like a beautiful little Olympian! When you scoop him up for a cuddle he affectionately shares his big purr and snuggles lovingly against your cheek. With his beautiful fluffy coat of white and brown spots, he was born with the cutest little brown heart on his back (hence the name Little heart) since his coat is so fluffy and soft the heart has since turned into a cute patch of brown. she is truly a unique beauty. She is sure to be a lively, loving, and very companionable doll in a home that will cherish his. Little heart hopes he's the sweet fluffy pal for you!

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