Tank has been adopted!


In a batch of seven adorable rock ‘n’ roll kittens, someone is bound to emerge as the leader. That would be totally irresistible Tank! He couldn’t be more darling in his fuzzy wuzzy suit of sunset orange and adorable face made all the sweeter by his big, winning smile! Everyone can count on him to put the spark in happy playtimes and to know where to find a little adventure! Even his posture and bouncy strut reflect this fluffbug sweetheart’s confidence and out-going nature! Such a classic orange boy, with fun and affection to spare, is sure to be a joyful addition in a family that will cherish him. Could terrific Tank tuck his handsome and happy orange self in the circle of your life?

Littermates:  Bitsy, Ernie, Jillie, Mackie, Tessa