Tessa has been adopted!


Gorgeous Tessa is the exotic beauty in her batch of amazing siblings. She’s the classic calico girlie but with a stunning coat that takes her from beautiful to extraordinary with its deep velvet patches of reds and gold, and dramatic ebony with splashes of perfect white! Her spirit is gentle, and she likes a little extra time when encountering new things, but gets comfortable pretty quickly. Fun playtimes with her high-spirited siblings are always a highlight of her day, and soft cloth mice and rolling jinglebell balls are favorite toys. What a gorgeous big girl she is sure to be in her unique and elegant attire, but it’s her soft, sweet personality that will endear her to a loving forever family. Tessa hopes she’s the perfect treasure you have been waiting for.

Littermates:  Bitsy, Ernie, Jillie, Mackie, Tank