Bumble Bee has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Tabby and white

Bumblebee and Honeybee (daughter and mother) were found together outside in the mountains before being scooped up and rescued. Bumblebee is a total diva with a definite touch of sassy cattitude and you'll hardly notice that she's a tripod (only three legs) ~ she gets around like a champ when she wants to. She purrs like a bumblebee and you will find her buzzing around as she pounces, plays and explores when she's ready. She is definitely one of those cats with a mind of her own and she'll do best in a cat-experienced home with plenty of patience, tolerance and willingness to cater to her desires. (She doesn't seem particularly thrilled with being in our kitten room surrounded by a crowd of kittens ~ but she'd probably do fine in a house with only a few pets. Or just her.)

She is listed as special needs because she's a tripod!

Mother: Honey Bee