Button has been adopted!


Meet cuddlebug Button, a cutest-button-in-the-box irresistible little girl! She’s also a one-of-a-kind button in her soft, silken coat with its patchwork of rich color! But it’s her loving and gentle personality that make her a purrfect jewel. She is bigger than her darling sisters, but in all their very lively playtimes, she treads softly, always having fun without throwing her weigh around. She’s also gotten along well with other kittens, cats, and a small dog in her foster home. Her big, beautiful eyes and sugar-dipped smile add to and reflect her sweetness and charm! Could a classically beautiful calico doll, with a lovebug personality to match, be the precious new darling for your forever family? Button sure hopes so!

Littermates:  Buddy, Bunny
Adoption Follow-up 12/18/19 with Buddy