Tara has been adopted!

Seal point/ snow shoes Black nose

Tara is the purrfect girl, a beautiful and utterly charming little sweetheart! Her foster mom says “she is the perfect mix - not too sassy and not a pushover! She’s a gets-along-with-everyone kind of girl”! Her four siblings ensure that playtimes are plentiful, and she can be counted on to be squarely in the middle of every race and romp and wrestling match! She’s also gotten along well with other kittens, cats, and a small dog. What a darling she is with her snow shoes, velvety dark chocolate face, black nose, and glacier blue eyes! No doubt she will be the gorgeous subject of many a future photograph! Such an affection, fun-loving, and good-nature fluffbug will be a joy in a sweet forever home that will cherish her. Could Tara be your new dreamgirl?!

Littermates:  Oliver, Taco, Tia, Tiara, Toby