Dixie has been adopted!

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Fuzzy wuzzy Dixie with the gorgeous turquoise eyes is a purrfect treasure! This sweetheart is not only a great beauty but a super lovebug who always hopes there are lots of cuddles and snuggles coming her way. She’s been fostered with her cutiepie siblings, so zipping, zooming, racing and chasing are favorite pastimes for this high-octane darling! With her cloud-soft, luxurious buff coat, soft taupe tail, ears, nose, and toes, she couldn’t be more beautiful. And the slight cross of her stunning eyes instantly elevates her to simply irresistible! Lively and lovable, with an abundance of fun and affection, adorable little dreamgirl Dixie hopes to soon be a sweet family’s cherished doll!

Littermate:  Dallas