Spotted black and tan

Look into those mesmerizing tabby housetiger eyes and say Hello to cute-as-a-button Caleb! He takes his housetiger status seriously and is always on the go, zipping and zooming, exploring and romping with his siblings, and poking his nose into any activity going on around him! Any sound of food preparation, especially wet food, will succeed in distracting him from his playful business. Yummy grub and lots of fun are high on this happy sweetheart’s list of very favorite things! When it’s time to rest and recharge, he loves to sprawl his handsome stripey self, with his adorable polka dot tummy, near his people or curl up cozily in a welcoming lap! Could classic tabbysaurus Caleb be exactly the darling boy to find his place as a beloved member of your great forever family?

Littermates:  Dallas, Dixie