Aphrodite has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx point

Long-legged, apricot-striped Aphrodite is a sapphire-eyed jewel of a girl! If there’s a toy to try out, a nook or cranny to explore, or a cozy lap available for a snuggly lap, this little sweetie will find it! She bounces and pounces with elegance on those springy legs, and has a lot of love to share without all the craziness of all her younger fostermates! She likes bigger cats too! Being near the people she loves is a top priority, and head boops and cheeks rubs are among the affectionate rewards she shares generously! Who needs any other treasures if this girl is in the circle of their forever love? Beauty, curiosity, a happy nature, and devotion are hers to share! Precious Aphrodite hopes she’s the darling for you!