Moe has been adopted!

Russian Blue

Meet marvelous Moe, brother of Larry and Curly, a very lucky trio of dolls rescued from a local shelter. Moe is such a happy boy who loves to play fetch and leaps for feathers on a wand with such agility that his foster mom swears “he’s part frog”! But this easy-going cutiepie is also independent enough to do a fine job of entertaining himself when there’s no one around to play with. A sweet spirit makes him affectionate and companionable, and his happy, playful nature never fails to lift the sprits of those around him. With his handsome gray silk suit and big expressive eyes and darling plush velvet face, he couldn’t be more adorable! Precious Moe is ready to leap right into the loving circle of your great forever home!

Littermates:  Curly, Larry
Moe, Larry, Curly