Cheezer the Meezer has been adopted!

Applehead Siamese
Seal Point Mix

Cheezer the Meezer is a chonky fellow with a cheerful personality and a purr like a 747 taking off right over your house. He was found wandering the streets of Clovis without a microchip or a care in the world ~ and now he's making himself at home at The Cat House on the Kings as a temporary and unofficial office cat. (So far, he excels at walking on keyboards, stealing pens, and plopping himself down on important paperwork.) He's bright, inquisitive, opinionated and persnickety ... your typical Siamese Chatterbox, too.  We have absolutely no idea how he reacts to kids or dogs, but we expect that he'll soon get used to both at The Cat House. You really should come meet this great cat!