Cat 19081 (Jax)

Orange white feet

Meet jump-for-joy Kitten 19081, known for his very loving and friendly personality! He’s a fanTABBulous little striped red and white tabby from his sugar-dusted face to his sparkling white socks! His siblings love him because he can always be counted on to find the fun in any toy or even empty boxes and crunchy packing paper! Everyone he meets is his friend, including adult cats. This sweetheart is a lovebug too and steps right up to be snuggled and cuddled and cozy up for a nap! What a happy-spirited guy he is sure to be in an affectionate and welcoming family that will treasure him! Kitten 19081 hopes he’s just the boy to bring an extra sparkle to your happy home!

Littermates:  Finnegan, Jacqueline