TJ has been adopted!

Black with white chest & paws

TJ is a white-pawed tabbysaurus sweetheart who loves to play and is even happy and patient with grabby toddlers! His darling siblings are his playmates, and together they cook up endless kitten games and adventures and may even find energy for a middle-of-the-night romp! He’s also a big talker, ready to gab and gossip with anyone who’ll listen! Loud noises and startling movements do slow him down a bit, then it’s back to the business of having a good time and keeping track of whatever everyone is up too! He sports the most perfect classic tabby “M” on his fuzzy wuzzy forehead, and pads around busily on his four bright white feet! He couldn’t be cuter, friendlier, or easier to love, and deserves to be a cherished member of a great forever family. TJ hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Myshka, Theo