Carson has been adopted!

Russian Blue

Cuddly plushbug Carson is a burly little boy with the spirit of a social butterfly! He’s super plushy and dusky blue, with a motorboat purr and a big, happy attitude toward everything! He loves every person he meets which makes him an irresistible little ambassador of kitty fun and friendliness! He and his darling sibling make quite a little posse of explorers and adventurers, easily putting plenty of fun in every day! With that big, bold purr, he easily puts his stamp of approval on everything, even if it’s clear across a room! Other cats and a small dog have also been among this great little guy’s friends. Could regally handsome and down-to-earth affectionate Carson be the purrasaurus classic in your loving forever home?

We have listed this cat as Russian based ONLY on its appearance. The reality is that the vast majority of cats and kittens in rescue are mixed breed cats of one form or another because the likelihood that two unfixed purebred cats were running around and making kittens is extremely remote. For example, if a kitten or cat is all grey and a shorthair, we may choose to list it as a Russian Blue Mix. This does not mean that the kitten actually has ANY Russian Blue in it whatsoever, and this should not be relied upon if you are making an adoption decision based on allergies. We also list particularly fluffy kittens as Maine Coon Mixes for the same reason. Our recommendation is always to choose a new pet based on personality, appearance, charm, and who "clicks" with you and NOT on any breed description we are using.

Littermates:  Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, Matthew