Kitten 19127 (Teletubby) has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Brown and White

Meet our darling little fella puffy fluffy Kitten 19127 also known as Teletubby. He was rescued with his darling mom at days old. He’s a darling boy - like a little storm cloud on legs! But there’s nothing stormy about his personality! An instant purr is your reward when you pick him up, and he’s happy to be held tummy up! He gets along well with other kittens. His spirit is one of friendliness, but he has an air of independence too. With his gorgeous long coat, he will benefit from brushing and extra admiration, such a handsome, loving boy will be a delight in a sweet home that will treasure him. Could darling Teletubby be the purrfect doll to reign over your heart?

2 weeks old 10/15/2019