Oliver has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Handsome, blue-eyed Oliver is as happy and as affectionate as he is good-looking! Among his fostermates he is usually in the center of all the antics and can be counted on to use his big curiosity to lead the way on many little kitten adventures and explorations! Romping, racing, and snooping are favorite occupations, but loud noises take a little extra time to get used to! The tv was a little too exciting before, but now he’s a fan! He gets along well with other cats and is getting used to the dog. As lively as he is, his affectionate side is very strong, and he loves to be petted and talked to and purrs a lot to express his sweet-natured purrsonality! Awesome little Oliver hopes he has all the great qualities you’ve been looking for!

Littermates:  Taco, Tara, Tia, Tiara, Toby