Clarence has been adopted!

Orange with white

Cuddlebug Clarence would like to remind everyone that in the awesome world of cats it doesn’t get any more classic than a sunny orange boy - just like him! Even though his athleticism makes him a whiz with anything that rolls or dangles, and anything he can safely climb, his sweet personality is on the gentle and quiet side. In his foster home he has gotten along well with kittens, bigger cats, dogs, and children! He adores being petted and snuggled and is always ready to show his ap-purr-ciation with his great, soothing purr! With his irresistible face, foxy ears, and snowy white feet, This darling little lovebug, with his big, soulful eyes, foxy ears, and snowy white feet, is ready to love his way straight into the hearts in your welcoming home. Could darling Clarence be your warm new ray of sunshine?

Littermate:  Dolly