Mando has been adopted!


Mando is the classic tabby chunkmeister in his adorable sibling foursome! In their endless romps, races, wrestling matches, and general rowdying, he often has the advantage since he’s the biggest, but things always stay fun because they’re all so good-natured! He loves to sleep in the big bed, can’t resist a kitty treat, and shares his wonderful, rumbling purr when you talk to him or pick him up. He’s irresistibly and classically handsome in his velvety black and silver American tabby shorthair coat, with beautiful jade green eyes, and perfectly placed black and white face paint! This loving, affectionate, handsome, and happy boy will be a joy in a great forever home that will treasure him! Purrasaurus Mando hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Leia, Luke, Rey