Kitten 19241 (Cinnamon) is available for adoption

Dilute Tortoiseshell
7 months old

Meet kitten 19241 aka Cinnamon! Who is always dressed in her long soft fluffy coat and a unique orange line down her beautiful torti face. She has that famous typical "tortitude" & is very selective with pets & cuddles. Cinnamon needs a quiet home with a family that understands she just needs extra time to settle & blossom into the sweet girl we know she is! Once she does get pets she purrs & lays down. She plays well with other cats & kittens in our adoption room. Warm and soft places are where you can find this girl laid out for a nap, or chasing jinglely balls across the room. If you have the extra patience & space in your heart won't you consider lovely Cinnamon?

Please note:

  • Kitten 19241 (Cinnamon) is shy and needs a quiet home
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