Bonnie Bell has been adopted!

Brown White feet

Meet Bonnie Bell--a beautiful, classic brown spotted tabby. She is extremely elegant with super soft fur. Her tabby spots, black bracelets and eye liner PLUS her big ears give her a very exotic look. Bonnie loves people and wants to be wherever you are. She loves to cuddle and purrs constantly. She is the first to greet visitors and likes everyone, although she has reservations about the dog. She is very curious and athletic, and with those big ears, doesn't miss much that is happening. She seems to prefer people rather than toys, but loves "fishing" and watching mice on the computer. At night she snuggles down between her foster mom and dad, sometimes totally under the covers. Bonnie gets along with the much older adult cats in the house and, although cautious, does not run from the family dog. One of her favority spots, is stretched out in front of the fireplace. Bonnie loves laps, and would be a purrfect addition to anyone's home.