Kitten 19247 (Squishy) is available for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
6 months old

This cutest-button-in-the-box is adorable Squishy! She's a total sweetheart and a little gal who's smart enough to be the first one in a big bed because she knows she'll get the best spot either in the cozy crook of your arm or tucked against your neck! Playtimes are full of fun and every toy is a favorite, but her loving and affectionate nature is her biggest claim to fame! She has a fuzzy wuzzy black and white coat a with a sunny spirit and big heart of gold. Everyone she meets she wants to be their friend, she will run right up to someone for head & cheek scratches! She's sure to be a gem of a lovebug in a perfect and secure forever home that will cherish her. Cuddly Squishy hopes she's the cutie for you!


Littermate:  Kitten 19248
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