Marvin is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Maine Coon Mix
12 weeks old

Sweet, gentle Marvin purrs the instant you pick him up and will walk away from playing if some cuddle time is being offered! He’s a well-rounded, cloud-soft, pewter gray fluffbug, full of great affection and a spirit of fun! He has three darling siblings he loves and who are his lively, funny playmates! All the simple pleasures are his very favorite things, including any type of toy, yummy food, and every opportunity to sleep on his foster mom! In his caring foster home he has also gotten along well with other cats. He’s a bright-eyed, darling boy who is sure to be a gorgeous big guy someday! With his very loving personality, gentle, happy spirit, and photogenic good looks, Marvin will be a pure delight in a forever home that will treasure him! How about yours?!

Littermates:  Louie, Max, Spencer
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