Autumn is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

6 months old

Autumn is a festive female calico with a white chest and paws.  Her coat is silky smooth to the touch.  She was trapped as a feral and is a bit more reserved than her brothers.  She’s always up to be groomed by any number of the adult cats who reside at her foster home.  She’s the most active of the bunch.  She hasn’t met a catnip toy, stuffed mouse, scratching post, ball, laser pointer, feather wand, or race track that she doesn’t like.  Her foster mom has to put the toys away at night so she can sleep.  This down time encourages Autumn to show her softer, more cuddly side.  By morning she’s usually found at the foot of the bed relaxing with her siblings.

Littermates:  Forrest, River, Shasta
Autumn & River
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