Moose has been adopted!


Moose is a total lovebug who adores his brother Mikey, never misses an opportunity to snooze with his foster dad, and will careen around corners to get to his food dish! This gorgeously striped tabby tiger hoots it up in endless games with his much-loved smaller brother, and always lets him be the winner, because he’s always a lover and never a fighter! Cozy naps in a sunny window or beam of sunshine on the floor, snuggles with his people, his sweet brother’s company, and tasty grub spell the purrfect life for this very darling boy, a fuzzy wuzzy treasure with a sugar-kissed mouth and precious personality! Could Moose bring his sweetness to the circle of your loving home? He’d love it if that circle is big enough for Mikey too - a double dose of striped joy!

Littermate:  Mikey
Barnabus & Benjamin
Spending time with their foster brother