Mikey has been adopted!


Bouncing and boisterous Mikey is a jet-propelled people “person”! He and his adorable lovebug brother Moose have weathered the early storms of their babyhood together and are one another’s very best friends and fans. When Mikey isn’t romping and racing with his brother, he will be on the hunt for his people to talk to or cuddle up with for a cozy nap! He’s a super snugglebug! He’s the smaller of the two boys but his brother always lets him win because they love each other that much! He’s a classically handsome gray tabbysaurus darling with a happy-go-luck spirit and great capacity for affection and is sure to be a delight in a great forever home, especially if there’s room for cuddlebug Moose too! Who can resist the awesomeness of two housetiger treasures?!

Littermate:  Moose
Benjamin & Barnabus
Spending time with their foster brother