Finnley has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seal point

Fun-loving Finley finds absolutely anything and everything fun to play with! He’s one of a precious trio of handsome, happy little brothers who romp, stomp, race, and wrestle every single day. He hasn’t had time around dogs or children but is likely to fit in with them with his very loving nature. He’s the most cuddly of the lovebug brothers and wants to be held, especially in fuzzy sweaters, and carried like a baby and may cry if he’s ignored too long. Sitting in welcoming laps is also his specialty where he may groom himself and possibly his brothers and his humans! And he couldn’t be a more stunningly gorgeous, velvety, classic looking, blue-eyed boy! He’s a truly affectionate darling who deserves people who will love him as much as he loves them! Finley hopes he’s the fuzzy wuzzy wonderful boy for you!

Littermates:  Jeremy, Owen