Jeremy has been adopted!


Meet Jeremy, the jump-for-joy brother in a trio of purrbug boys found abandoned by a mailbox! He loves his darling brothers and every toy he meets whether it rolls, dangles, bounces, flies, or crunches! He also loves to be scooped up for a snuggle, until he remembers there’s an exploration or adventure that his brothers are waiting for him to lead! Then he’s off and running to make a little happy mischief! Expect this cutie to also have a jaunty extra spring in his step when the food bowls are filled! A big, bold, beautiful purr is shared often by this very sweet, fun-loving, and affectionate boy. But he’s still skittish with dogs and children because he just hasn’t been around them much. He’s a classic tabby housetiger boy with dramatic jet black stripes perfectly placed on his handsome coat and on his irresistibly perfect little face! Jolly, lovable Jeremy would love to be the great new joy in your loving forever home?

Littermates:  Finnley, Owen