Dilute Tortoiseshell
Blue creme

Soft, silky, gorgeous Rivera is as gentle as a she is loving. With her beautiful, luminous eyes, she watches everything with great curiosity and loves to bat and chase jinglebell balls, soft cloth mice, and things that crinkle! She has gotten along happily with other kitties both older and younger! Her silky coat of softest watercolor gray-blues and palest golds is purrfectly irresistible. Everyone wants to reach out and stroke her velvety suit from nose to toes! And she must know because she has a pert little smile adorably accessorized by the loveliest set of long, silken whiskers! She is sure to be a super companionable and sweet-spirited doll in a home where she will be cherished. Could lovely River be your new beloved?! Rivera is a little shy and may take a few days to settle into a new home and situation.  She loves to be petted and brushed but not held or picked up.