Rupert has been adopted!

Russian Blue

Pearl gray Rupert is a gem of a boy who loves nothing more than to follow you around, cuddle on your lap, or be carried around like a baby! This plush little lovebug has three lively siblings who easily bring out his fun-loving side in their many busy playtimes and comical antics! He’s mellow and good-nautured, so he’s always a happy participant, but he can’t resist welcoming arms or a cozy lap and a snuggle if one is offered. He’s a beautiful soft gray boy with deep, soulful eyes, and a satiny pale gray nose! This handsome little guy will be a treasure in a home as sweet as he is! Rupert really hopes he’s the perfect jewel for you! 

We have listed this cat as Russian based ONLY on its appearance. The reality is that the vast majority of cats and kittens in rescue are mixed breed cats of one form or another because the likelihood that two unfixed purebred cats were running around and making kittens is extremely remote. For example, if a kitten or cat is all grey and a shorthair, we may choose to list it as a Russian Blue Mix. This does not mean that the kitten actually has ANY Russian Blue in it whatsoever, and this should not be relied upon if you are making an adoption decision based on allergies. We also list particularly fluffy kittens as Maine Coon Mixes for the same reason. Our recommendation is always to choose a new pet based on personality, appearance, charm, and who "clicks" with you and NOT on any breed description we are using.

Littermates:  Dory, Maggie May, Patty