Inez has been adopted!


Like a little golden treasure, snuggly Inez is a beauty and a lovebug! With her lively batch of 6 siblings, the playtimes are full of bouncing and pouncing, romping and racing, and she is always a participant but may wisely opt for the sidelines if the action looks too enthusiastic! This sweetheart’s personality is on the quiet side, and she loves to be held and babied. A one-of-a-kind calico coat of silky patches of snow white to caramel, gold, and black adds a photogenic quality to her quiet elegance and cuddliness! Such a lovable, beautiful darling will be a great joy in a forever home as sweet as she is. Adorable Inez hopes she’s the irresistible girl for you!

Littermates:  Iggy, Inigo, Irene, Isabel, Ivy