Iggy has been adopted!


Enchanting Iggy is designed in every way to steal your heart! As one of six “I” named cutiepie siblings, she distinguishes herself as “the sweetest one of a very sweet bunch” according to her foster mom! She loves to be held like a baby whether you’re sitting or walking around and snuggles in close to make the most of every bit of affection. Her beautiful silky suit of golden tones compliments an irresistible face with perfect cloud-white highlights around her big eyes, a big, happy, white smile, and pouty pink lips! She’s a playful, sweet-natured cuddlebug darling who will light up the lives in an affectionate and loving forever home that will treasure her many gifts! Could adorable Iggy be your great new girlie?

Littermates:  Inez, Inigo, Irene, Isabel, Ivy