Ivy has been adopted!


Calico cutie Ivy is full of spunky fun and kitten confidence! During the high-spirited playtimes with her five, yes five, adorable siblings, the funniest moves and whackiest strategies are likely thanks to Ivy! Her goofy good-nature makes her an instant friend with everyone, and no toy escapes her full attention! If it rolls, bounces, flies, or crinkles, she’ll figure out how to bring out its potential! It’s no surprise that she becomes a velvety cuddlebug only after she’s exhausted every possibility, including herself! If a classic calico girl with a party personality, patchwork beauty, and easy-going sweetness is just the ray of sunshine for you, lively, lovable Ivy is waiting to make your acquaintance!

Littermates:  Iggy, Inez, Inigo, Irene, Isabel