Nugget has been adopted!


Darling Nugget never misses a chance to romp and play with her three darling siblings, and every toy is an instant favorite whether it rolls, bounces, jingles, or crinkles! She’s a little on the shy side, but only until she knows you’re nice, then she loves to be held and loved on and soak up the affection! When all the hour’s funny little kitten games, adventures, and explorations wind down, this sweetheart will be squarely in the middle of a fuzzy wuzzy kitten cuddlepuddle with her happy sibs! Few things are as adorable! So far she hasn’t met any bigger cats, dogs, or children.  A velvety brown nose, perfect white highlights, and that dark and defined tabby forehead “M” make her face a true and beautiful classic! What a loving, affectionate, and sweetly playful cuddlebug she is sure to be in a family that will treasure her. Could precious Nugget be your new darling girl?!

Littermates:  Cortez, Fitzgerald