Fitzgerald has been adopted!


Fun-loving Fitzgerald, or Fitz as she’s called, is a feisty little fluffermuffer imp! If there’s a toy to set in motion or one of her three siblings to romp and rowdy with, nothing holds her back! Anything her brother Fremont gets up to is not to be missed, and they can dream up an endless agenda of funny kitten games, adventure, and explorations! But when it’s time to relax, this sweetie hopes you have time to hold her close for a little quiet talk accompanied by soft ear and chin scritches. She has not yet met any bigger cats, dogs, or children. What a doll she is in her velvety coat of soft colors and darling face with its perfect powdered sugar highlights! Everything about her is precious, from her happy, lively spirit to her sweet and loving affection! Irresistible Fitz would adoring being the darling new girl in your welcoming world!

Littermates:  Cortez, Nugget