Cortez has been adopted!


In his dramatic coat of silky dark stripes, Hollywood-handsome Cortez looks like a leading man in the making! But he’s all fun-loving kitten when he encounters any kind of toy or when there’s a playtime underway with his three sweet, lively siblings! This darling boy also brings ample enthusiasm to every dining opportunity! He’s a little shy until he knows you’re nice, then he’s happy to be picked up for a chat and a cuddle as he nuzzles in to get to know you better! He hasn’t been around bigger cats, dogs, or children, but he shows every promise of being a sweet, lovable addition in a home that will cherish his gentle, undemanding personality. Could handsome, good-natured Cortez find his sweet forever in the security and affection of your loving home?

Littermates:  Fitzgerald, Nugget