Fremont has been adopted!


Here comes Fremont, the most purrfect example of a classic, mischievous, happy-spirited, sunny orange lovebug! Yes, this doll has it all! He will greet you with his big purr and hope you scoop him right up for a snuggle and a cozy chat. This bright and friendly little snuggler loves to be talked to! His three darling siblings have been his lively posse of merrymakers in endless games, adventures, and explorations! And this imp is the bravest of the bunch! His fun-loving sister Fitzgerald is usually his favorite partner in crime!  He has yet to meet bigger cats, dogs, or children. What joy this doll is sure to bring to a great forever family that will cherish his irresistible orangeness!  Affectionate and frolicsome Fremont would love to bring his light and love to your sweet home!

Littermates:  Cortez, Fitzgerald, Nugget