Dutchess has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Elegant young mamacat Dutchess nurtured her five beautiful kittens with sweet devotion and tenderness. She brought her natural curiosity and friendliness to her foster home where she immediately took an interest in everything and everybody. In addition to her own babies, she has gotten along great with other adult cats and two small dogs. She will follow you wherever you are and seems to adore the wonderful freedom of exploring even things she’s explored many times already! And this sweetheart is quite the talker who readily talks to anyone who’d like to chat! She’s not inclined to be confined to a lap, but is always nearby with her calm, gentle, and very friendly and loving nature. Darling Dutchess has worked hard to care for her precious little family, and now it’s her turn to be the beloved girl in a forever family that will treasure her. How about yours?!

Children:  Amber, Ginger, Rusty, Sienna, Sunny