Lily Belle is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Short Hair
16 weeks old

Lovable, lively Lily Belle is a bouncing bundle of sweetness who has just gotten sweeter in her great foster home! She’s from the last well-loved batch of her mama’s several litters. Mama has now been fixed and can retire from the rigors of unchecked motherhood, and her darling daughter can go forth into her future and make her mother proud! This cutiepie, with springs on her snow white feet, jumps and climbs like a little Olympian and has fun with very toy, empty box, or even wiggly toes! Friendly, out-going, and always good natured, it’s no surprise this perky doll is also a first class cuddler and snuggler! Lovely little Lily Belle is ready to be the beloved new addition in a great forever home. How about yours?!

Littermates:  Blossom, Camelia
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