Blossom has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
Gray and White

Bouncy, pouncy, Blossom is a head booping lovebug of a boy! He has a velvet soft, easy-care coat and an irresistibly impish little face, with bright, lively eyes that get their extra sparkle from expertly applied white eyeliner! He’s always ready for action and brings a talent for jumping high, climbing energetically, and enjoying anything that catches his big curiosity, even crinkly packing paper and empty boxes! Fun-loving as he is, this sweetheart is also a cuddly lovebug and hopes you have time to scoop him up for hugs and head scratches! Cute-as-a-button Blossom would love to bring his boisterous, good-nature fun and sweet affection to a forever family as wonderful as he is!

Littermate:  Camelia
Blossom and Camelia